The Prostitute

I stepped foot in the dirty and hot bathroom in Chinatown. Water covered the floor, and I tippy-toed as I struggled to keep my shoes dry. As I walked to the sink to… Continue reading

“Joy. I Need That.”

I prayed as I walked through an Asian fair…. “Lord, show me who to talk to…..give me Your words…” We walked through a sea of people as we looked at booths of merchandise… Continue reading

Losing My Life & Finding It

It was 3:20 am. The alarm clock blared and I jumped awake, already dressed for the day. I quietly and quickly got ready and looked over the house we were graciously allowed to… Continue reading

Hold Fast

It was last Saturday night.  Our to-do list was a mile long and my heavy heart – a heart that was dreading the final goodbyes before leaving the United States of America for… Continue reading

Weapons of Righteousness

In 2 days and 17 hours, we will be stepping foot on a plane and leaving this land that I love for one I’ve never been to. We won’t return for 3 years.… Continue reading

Psalm 23

As I walked through what had been our home for 2 months, my heavy heart saw the emptiness left in the rooms that had been our refuge for 8 of the most influential… Continue reading

Destruction Hearts

Somewhere on this big planet that we live on, there is tragedy that happens every second of every day. Since we’ve been here at training, we’ve observed from a distance things such as… Continue reading

Umbrella of Grace

Everyday we sit for hours and we learn a large amount of information at a pretty rapid pace. For a mama who was used to spending her time at home with her kids,… Continue reading

…and then she danced

It’s been a trying season of change, and it seems as though we have just scratched the surface when it comes to learning and transitioning. There are many months left of training, more… Continue reading

Blue Speckled Gift

“You know what I really love?” I said to my husband today while driving in the car. “What?” he said. “Robin egg blue. I just love that color. I have never seen a… Continue reading

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